SSDs versus SAS HDDs?

I'm new to SSD. I never dealt with them before.
I work on an older HP z800 (workstation) with xeons on nehalem platform, it's great but needed an upgrade so we did.. other xeons sixcore, other memory 96gb's of it, other video someting firepro v7... (i don't remember).

Anyway we were scratching our heads about the I/O if we have something to upgrade.
Current setup:
chipset intel 5520
controller LSI SAS1068E - integrated
2x 300GB SAS 15k rpm (HP?? I think it's seagate rebranded for HP)
2X 2TB sata2 7200rpm.
We have Raid in stripe mode for the two SAS drives, and then mirror everything on one of the 2TB drives, and the other 2TB drive is just for storage. I don't know if it's raid 0, or whatever, but does what i told.. so it's 10?

Anyway the biggest question we have is:
Does it sound rational to ditch the sas drives and get some ssd's? like we need around 600GB (better 1TB) for the fast link (OS + space where the programs work.around 300-400GBs expanding when working so.. on the safe side 1TB is acceptable)

The problem we face: we do not have sata3, and i don't know about trim function for either the chipset or controller.

So we have about 2 options:
1. Cheap way: add another two (or six) sas drives 300gb 15k, and make a raid0 of all four (or eight) of them and mirror everything on a 2TB drive
2. Wonder into unknown with SSD's. To total up around 1TB (or anything above 600GB's). and then raid them together. 8x128GB? Does it sound reasonable to mix desktop components with workstation components? Those from HP have some SSD's in their offer too (8th page).

The workload we want to achieve is best described here. So from what I gather it sounds like large single file transfer. The main probgrams we want to use and optimize for them is Ansys, LS Dyna, Adams and other simulation programs and most with finite element method (a lot of matrices multiplied, RAM is your best friend for this)

So what would it be? SAS raid0 vs SSD's raid 0? (without TRIM, on SAS/Sata2). If SSD is a good option.. desktop or workstation?

The embedded controller is working quite nice, so we plan to use it.. it's not rational to put another one with sata3 or SAS/Sata3 with decent performance because we would wind up with two pricey controllers that one of them is not used (the current onboard one).
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  1. Anyone?
  2. Maybe someone can correct me but from my understanding SSD's excel in random I/O's however fail/slower at sequential I/O's.
    If you do go the SSD route you may want to look at Enterprised based SSD's i.e. Revodrives as they are designed more so for such work however they are very very expensive.
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