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Hi I'm looking to buy a new drive this week and can't decide, I'm in Western Australia and was looking to buy of They have listed a Western Digital 2Tb 7,200rpm 64mb cache for $99 aus, and a Western digital Black 7.200rpm 64mb cach for $99 aus, the only info I can seem to find is the green slows itself down to save power and noise which I couldn't care less about. Will I notice a difference in speed or quality, which should I buy.


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  1. Will this be a dedicated storage drive or will Windows/programs be running off this. If its just a storage drive (documents, music, etc) then the Green drive as it has the larger capacity. If its a main OS drive, then get the black.

    Or secret option number 3, a Seagate Barracuda 2TB.
    Just as fast as the black, double the capacity for $5 more.
  2. Black. The Green isn't 7200 RPM I don't think.
  3. sorry guys I was going number blind looking at the list, but for $104 theres a barracuda 2tb f, is seagate any good, havn't had a seagate since my 80gb seagate barracuda ide in my pentium 4 which still works but has a few bad sectors

    it will be for storage, hi def tv shows networked from my desktop to my HTPC
  4. The Black has a longer warranty and is huge amounts faster if you want games on it.

    A green drive would struggle with games but is fine for movies and music and files.
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    I have the 1TB model of that drive in my rig and have had no issues so far. They are just as good as Western Digital.

    If its purely storage, then performance isnt that big a factor in the decision. That being said, I think $5 is worth the extra performance the Barracuda provides over the green.
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  7. Thanks I might get the seagate for 5 extra bucks, and move my system of the 200gb partion thats on an existing green 1Tb
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