Knigstion KVR DDR3 ram issue.


i have a pc with Asrock G41-GS3 mobo and another with MSI G41P-P26 mb.i had previously used Dynet 800 mhz DDR3 ram for both my pcs , but both of the ram went bad. i bought 4 2gb Kingston KVR1333D3N9/2G kits to upgrade my existing configuration. The new Kingston Ram worked fine on Asrock but when i use it on MSI there is no display. i called up MSI and Kingston but both of them were of no help @ all. Through a little search i have come to a limited understanding that this might be because of a SPD issue. can anyone help me out on this. IF i do need to change the SPD of Kingston ram how do i do it ?
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  1. Try manually setting the memory clock/timings in the BIOS

    It's usually somewhere in Advanced Chipset settings and you'll need first to switch off the automatic - meaning - by SPD, settings /usually at the top/ to access the settings below.
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