P6100 vs core 2 duo

I need a laptop and like the Sony Vaio. I hate my Macbook.

So, for a lot less money, I can get a p6100 w/ blueray, or an i3-370 with no bells and whistles.

The p6100 is obviously cheaper. What to do?

My mac is a core 2 duo, ddr2 2ghz. Is the p6100 much faster than the mac but much slower than the i3?

What do I do?

Please help!!!!!
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  1. Hi, jzucker68, Welcome to THW,

    Well seems like you got a problem :) First off what are you planning on using your laptop for? and are you on a budget where the i3 price is going to be a problem?
  2. The sony's with the i3 just dropped price. Do you suggest a Sony vaio, Or a dell studio 15?


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