Which should I buy

Money is not the issue so which card should I buy or which is better?

Nvidia GTX 480 1.5GB


ATI Radeon 5970 2GB
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  1. Out of those two I personally would go with the 5970, but that's mainly because I feel the GTX480 was a poor design and won't touch them so I am very biased.

    However, with the release of the GTX460, I personally would hang on for a while to see what else Nvidia has planned, I would expect a newer version of the GTX470 or 480 to be coming out which would be a much better designed card (like the 460 was compared to a 465) and probably more powerful
  2. ill go for the hd 5970, "the fastest graphics card on the plantet", thay have made videos showing the performance of the hd vs the nvidia, and the ati card owned it. that was mostly because the hd is a double gpu card, you couls add another one and turn that into quad crossfirex
  3. You have been asking these type of questions (some crazy) for a long time now ?
    Why ?
    Did you ever buy your 3 5970's and your 3 55' tv's ?
  4. In all fairness, out of the two, general performance the 5970 will win, in terms of hectic dx11 gaming the 480 will win as they deal with tess better generally in dx11 the 480 will show a higher fps with dx10 and before showing the 5970 as higher results.. according to the Vantage benchmarking the 480 is currently the best scoring graphics card though
  5. I haven't bought the 5970's yet since I am trying to decide if I would rather go with the 5970's or the GTX 480's in quad sli
  6. I am liking the tessellation feature of the GTX 400 series cards since the ATI 5000 series cards don't feature that yet
  7. The TV's were for a friend that wanted me to build a system for him and he wanted the Ifinity with them so no i haven't bought the TV's since they were not for me I was just wondering if it were possible for run them in Ifinity with a 5970.
  8. if you have a huge case with good ventilation like haf 932... i don't see why you shouldn't go with gtx 480... besides its high operating temperature and TDP.... the gtx 480 definitely will have less performance issue than hd 5970 since dual gpu rely heavily on driver update.... and you should know how well nvidia hardware compatibility with games right?? if now i'm not using a small cases(cooler master centurion 5 ii) i definitely go with gtx 480...
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