Disc boot failure

I just opened my Pc to put thermal paste on my computer, booted it up and I'm getting a weird issue.

It won't let me hit del into bios and tries to load windows and says disc boot failure.

If I boot with a windows cd it'll load the files however. I can't get into to the bios to see if the boot order is messed or something....anyone have any ideas?

FWIW when i put the windows CD in i can't repair windows, but when i go to install windows i can see both my harddrives, and if i look for a driver i can navigate my boot drive just fine.

I'm guessing maybe a bad bios battery? FML such a hassle.
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  1. double check cable HDD and cable power from PSU
  2. I did,
    like I mentioned i can navigate fine through the HD in windows CD boot mode.
  3. go bios , select first boot in CD --- save bios --- boot --- insert CD OS --- in screen show insert Disk boot --- enter !
    if your mobo cannot save like above try remove battery mobo , first time unplug power AC from PSU -- remove battery mobo --- let 10minutes --- put it back -- try turn on pc.
  4. Didn't work, I can't get into the bios. This has never been an issue before with getting in. My K/B is turning on too. I ran chkdsk on both cd's fine in windows recovery, so im assuming its not the hds?

    I tried running bootrec /rebuildbcd and it says found windows installation on E add to boot or w/e, I select "Yes" then it says device not found,

    it says exactly:

    Loading Operating System . . .
    Boot from CD/DVD :
    Boot from CD/DVD :
    Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter

  5. Boot from cd/dvd : PUSH ENTER , don't wait it !
    If your pc can't do it you need other cd os installer.
  6. I can get into windows setup just fine after that pops up

    Also getting a cmos checksum error sometimes when i hit F9
  7. Here about your problem checksum error :
  8. I'm going to get a new battery in an hour or so...
    I can't get into the bios to do the other things listed
  9. Your pc need repair from support vendor just my opinion.
  10. Lets hope not. there has to be a way to get it working.
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