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I7 950 now or wait for next gen

Should I buy a i7 950 today for $199 or wait for new Intel release? What features will be missed? Looks mostly to be an integrated graphics update.
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  1. I would wait for the upcoming Sandybridge release,11647.html

    Probably have higher IPC's and capable of higher OC's too although $199 is an awesome price for i7 950.
  2. Ya, the $199 price for the i7 950 is an awesome price. And I really want to upgrade my E8400. But I am waiting for SB as well. Looks interesting.
  3. I would upgrade if you were to use your i7 for a minimum of 2 years...200 that much money considering the investment..And i dont think Intel will want to get rid of the i7..I say go for it..But I suggest to listen to what the other members have to say about it..
  4. I'd hold off the E8400 is still a really strong CPU. Save up a bit more money, wait for Ivy Bridge in about a year, buy a nice 8 core CPU.
  5. I hate to bust the fans of AMD. But I have been reading that you won't see Bull Dozer till Q2 or Q3. Maybe even late Q1 if they are lucky, which would still be really bad for AMD since SandyBridge rolls out January. I am sure Intel have all their ducks in row. AMD beter be burning the midnight oil or they loose to Intel.
  6. Greg, what does Bulldozer have to do with IvyBridge. IvyBridge is another generation ahead of Sandy Bridge and Bulldozer. Both Sandy Bridge and Bull Dozer will be 32 nm. And Ivy Bridge will be 22 nm. Bulldozer will be going head to head with Sandy Bridge. Not IvyBridge which is over a year away from release and ahead of Bull dozer in terms of technology. I just don't understand why you are comparing Bulldozer with IvyBridge. Illogical
  7. I would wait... for sure.
  8. Wait for SB.
  9. Where are you finding the i7-950 for $199? It's $295 at newegg.
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    WWBD said:
    Where are you finding the i7-950 for $199? It's $295 at newegg.

    i7-950 is available for $199 at MicroCenter, but for in-store pickup only.

    I'm in the same boat and I'm definitely waiting until Jan 5 to get the skinny on SB - it's only 6 weeks.
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