Buying a New PC, Need Suggestions

So far I have decided the following :

Gigabyte / Asus Normal DDR3 Supported MB
AMD Phenom x4 Quad Core
2 GB DDR3 at 1066 MHz
1 TB Sata II HDD
ATI Raedon HD 5500
20" samsung LCD
iBall 550 Watt PSU
Creative X-Fi
Altec Lancing Speakers
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
APC 650 Watt UPS

Now I am confused about some of these config, because a frnd of mine said it would be better to use 2 Nvidia 9500 GT as SLI than any 9800 GTX or ATI HD 5500
Another One Said not much speed difference b/w Athlon x2 5500 Black Edition & Starting Level Phenom

So anybody have any ideas ? or give me a better config for my pc ? overall price shuld be same. Oh and my main criteria is gaming.
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  1. Increase RAM to 4 or even 6 GB (3 x 2 GB) since you have Win7 64-bit.

    Regarding the X-Fi sound card - try on-board sound first; then decide whether you want a sound card. (I couldn't hear any difference between my X-Fi card and the on-board sound. Therefore, I returned the card)

    Don't have much input on iBall PSUs, and the comments I heard are not very good. Go with a reputable company such as Corsair -

    Reading product reviews is better than relying on friends' opinions. Do the homework yourself.
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