Asus Xonar DS PCI 7.1 Win 7 Serious Issues

Hi everyone, Im having a major problem with my xonar ds i recently bought. Asus support was completely useless so im hoping to get some advice hear.

Windows 7 64 bit recognises my Xonar DS as "Multimedia Audio Contoller" and simply cannot get the Asus Xonar drivers to install. I get a "Please plug in your asus xonar ds device" upon setup.

First of all ive done all the basics, removed all previous sound drivers then disabled the onboard sound in bios. I have the latest bios version along with latest driver software for all my hardware. Ive tried manually installing the drivers which then recognises the xonar ds but does NOT work due to a "Failure to start" in the device status section. Ive also tried swapping PCI slots, cleaning the pins on the card and clearing CMOS. Ive tried different settings in the bios such as plug and play OS disabled/enabled. One thing i have noticed is the Hardware ID value is:


On other help websites ive found that the ACTUAL ID value is meant to be:


I then tried to edit the driver ini file with 1st set of hardware ids which got the driver setup to completely install but the soundcard still did not work. Ive even formatted and reinstalled Win7.

The soundcard works in the other 2 PCs just fine.

I would be grateful to have some more suggestions as im very close to burning the sound card :)

PC Spec:
Q8200 @ 3.16Ghz
4Ghz 1800Mhz Mem
2 x 4850 in Crossfire
Win 7 64 bit
Intel x25 m 80 GB x 2 in RAID0
Asus p5q3 deluxe wifi-Ap @n edition mobo
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  1. I recall SOMETHING about an incorrect vendor ID a few months back, but I don't even remember if it was ASUS that had hte problem; Its ringing a few bells though...

    The good news is it IS installing properly on two other PC's; are they XP? (trying to isolate an issue with Win7).
  2. Ones XP and the other is Vista 64 bit Ultimate, ive just been searching and searching the internet but cant find anything related on the internet :(
  3. You are so lucky you could not install these drivers !!! If you had I bet you could click on icons and they would be dead, like device manager, that is if you could get the control panel to open.

    I just built a new machine with a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 motherboard, i7-950 processor and 12 GB of 2000Mhz memory. Installed the Windows 7 Pro 64 bit OS, the motherboard drivers, the Nvidia GTX 460 2 Gb card drivers, and some firewall software. Everything works great. I surfed and surfed for a half a day then realized I had no sound drivers installed after I plugged in my earphones. (Speakers are on back order). So I installed those wonderful drivers for the Asus xonar ds sound card. Immediately after that I tried to get into the control panel and the link was dead. Went to explorer and that link was also dead. Rebooted and still had broken links everywhere. SO I installed CCleaner and Comodo and ran both. Was able to get into control panel but could not get into the device manager. To make a crappy story shroter, after a full day of trying to find a way to delete the drivers (recovery was not a help since I could not get to it) I reformated the drive and reinstalled everything except the Asus card drivers.

    Everything worked great for a full day. I figured yes, I am a dumb XXX, so I installed the Asus card drivers once again, not believing that could be the problem and you guessed it, same problems once again. Clicking on icons without anything happening once again . So I was able to uninstall the drivers and the problem disappeared completely. Amazing!!!

    So use this card at your own risk. I tossed mine in the recycle bin.
  4. chrissuperstar said:
    Hi everyone, Im having a major problem with my xonar ds i recently bought. Asus support was completely useless so im hoping to get some advice hear.

    Windows 7 64 bit recognises my Xonar DS as "Multimedia Audio Contoller" and simply cannot get the Asus Xonar drivers to install. I get a "Please plug in your asus xonar ds device" upon setup.

    I had the exact same problem. I had downloaded the xonar drivers off of the Asus website, ran the driver installer and would get the same message of "Please plug in your asus xonar..."

    After googling and trying various things I was still stuck, but then, just for giggles I tried to install using the CD that came in the box. This time the installation program didn't give me the error message. It asked me to reboot, and after doing so I now have working sound. Yay.

    My driver CD has a readme.txt file which lists:
    Audio driver version for Windows7 32/64 : (Audio Center version: [PCI-DSX-120109-]

    I hope this helps you.
  5. I bought this card off of newegg as an open box thinking there would be no issues and it would work great, however I got the "please plug in your asus ds device" error. I researched this and found your post on the forum saying the cd drivers one works. The only problem is that my open box one has everything but the cd with the drivers.
    Is there anyway you could upload the driver to like dropbox or something like that for me to use?
  6. Try the "Xonar Unified Drivers" and see if they install.

    If memory serves, the issue was a corrupt chip on the card which essentially borked the driver install process. If it was new, you would be able to RMA the card, but as its an open box, that isn't likely.
  7. I can return it to newegg for a full refund, but can't rma to manufacturer. I figured I'd save $15 and get an open box one since it's supposed to be "guaranteed" to work.
  8. I know this might be late and pointless now but I recently re-installed windows 7 64bit and kept running into this EXACT problem. After hours and hours of researching and reinstalling everything i finally found the simple solution that worked for me and may help anyone else in the future and this is why im posting this today. After installing windows 7 i used the CD, that came with the motherboard, for the chipset, lan, audio, and usb 3.0 drivers then always either tried to install the Xonar drivers with the CD or latest drivers for the Xonar DS from the website and never worked. The simple solution that worked perfectly was simply to download all the latest motherboard drivers, im guessing the latest audio drivers is what helped, and make sure they are up to date before installing any of the Xonar drivers. I never seen anyone suggest to update those drivers before installing any Xonar drivers and it worked perfectly for me so this is really for those who might run into this problem in the future and may forget to do that like me...
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