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Hi everyone, I've build myself a new computer not so long ago and i was messing around with cpu-z yesterday when i noticed that my core voltage was fluctuating alot to my opinion. Here are the voltage that i could read; 1.368 - 1.356 - 1.344 - 1.332v, so i'm wondering if it's normal or not.

btw i've not overclocked my cpu or nothing, here's some specs;

AMD Athlon II x4 640 3Ghz
Asus M4a87td EVO Firmware version 1005
2x2GB Corsair xms3 1333
XFX HD5770
OCZ ModXStream 600w
with Windows 7 64-bit running

Thanks alot for your help!
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  1. It's normal for your voltage to fluctuate depending on the cpu load. Completely normal behavior of electrical current under resistance. The more Resistance you put on it, the lower(to a point) your voltage will get. So all that your seeing is fluctuation in your voltage to coincide with the difference in the cpu load.
  2. oh that would make sense, i'll try it when my cpu is not under load to make sure. Thanks for the fast reply!
  3. Yep, simple way to prove what I'm saying is keep cpuz open and run a program that puts the cpu under something like 25% load or more. Then watch your volts rise again when back at idle.
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