Psu question

first of all'

thanx for the help everyone who helped me come up with my first build.
almost there. i have picked most of all the parts i need i just hav a quick question about my psu.

case - antec 1200 (aesthetic. i like the features and it should last me thru many upgrades)
cpu - amd phenom II x6 1055t
mobo - gigabyte ga-890gpa-ud3h
gpu - 5850 like the his for color pretty good
ram - gskill ripjaws 4 gigs
hd - wd caviar black 1 tb
ssd - intel x25-m (would love to get ocz 60 but intel has best reviews and easiest install)
opt drive - asus probably 25 dollar limit lol
cpu cooler - Tuniq 120 tower extreme ( i just love the way this bad boy

ok my question. how big of a psu do i need for this set up and ability to OC cpu to around 3.5-3.6. not a hard core gamer per se and i understand after 3.8 its hard to see any real differences? thanx
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  1. A good 550 - 600 wat PSU such as Corsair , Antec, or Seasonic.
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