Best graphics card for Lcd monitors

Hey,... just wanted to know some of the best graphic cards for 22 inch Lcd monitors... (1920/1080, 1680/1020) 1080p

Is Ati 5770 a good choice?

Not more expensive than $200 dollars...

Suggest !..........
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    For $200 and less, the GTX 460 768MB is the crown bearer. Second to that, would be the ATI 5770.

    @ 1920x1080 the BEST option for performance is ATI 5850 or GTX 470 (for single card). The GTX 460 will work as well, but as a second less expensive option (obviously not quite as high FPS)

    @ 1680x1050 I'd recommend the ATI 5770, or GTX 460 for more power.

    Generally speaking, I recommend you buy the best GPU you can afford at the time, so you can keep it as long as possible. :) If $200 is the max, I'd find a GTX 460 for $200 or less!

    Gigabyte GTX 460 w/ Custom Cooler & OverClocked ($199)

    MSI GTX 460 w/ Free "Just Cause 2" game ($199)

    eVGA GTX 460 w/ Free "Just Cause 2" game ($199)
  2. Thanks !!.....jerreece &ct.... very helpfull
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    Thanks !!.....jerreece &ct.... very helpfull

    No problem. :) Good luck and happy gaming!
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