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Hey! new to Tom's not hardware :pt1cable:

Anyway... how good a graphics card can i get with a Pentium without bottlenecking the poor thing? just a tip for a friend of mine :)
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  1. Hi CsG_kieran_2, welcome to THW.

    To give you a good answer it would be helpfull to know what the exact model of CPU that you are using, screen resolution, and Games he wants to play.
  2. Ah, see that's the thing.. He is building a cheap computer but i don't know what CPU type. Out of best guess lets say its a top model Pentium with top model mobo, ram and what's not :) lol I know its a bit hard to pinpoint but that's the best i got.
  3. Games will include CoD BO, Fallout: New Vegas etc.. on medium at least? :)
  4. Get him to download Cpu-z once its built, run it and post back with more details please
    what resolution is his monitor and does he have onboard gfx on the mobo?
    if not you'll need to put some card in to do the above, and to be fair, he's going to struggle playing at any med-high settings
  5. Wont be building it until Christmas lol not to worry :) Thanks for the help guys
  6. Ok, well I'll try to give you an Idea, if you click the "more info" link by my avatar then "member config" you can see my PC which could be similar to what he is building. I have a P4 3.4GHz but thers also a 3.6GHz and 3.8GHz, he may also be considering a Pendtium D or Core 2 Duo.

    I am running a ATI4670 512mb graphics card which can run Crysis on mostly the medium settings and a few I turn up to high @ 1920 x 1080, I played the MOH Beta and that ran perfectly but I cannot recall the settings I used, but it still played fine and looked good, I play Far Cry 2 on it, similar settings to Crysis, Dead Space settings maxed, L4D 1&2 high detail, Bioshock maxed. COD 4 ran perfectly dont know settings its been a while. I play almost every game @ 1920 x 1080.

    Well I guess the point I am eventually getting at :) is that really the 4670 which now only comes with 1gb DDR3 memory(Make sure it has at least DDR3 memory) for ~$60 and anything above that will be fine for a budget build. Sorry I am an ATI person and i dont know much about Nvidia cards. Another good card to look at is the ATI 5670 for the same price but only has 512mb(which is ok, as I run a 512mb card as well)

    Here is a link to both cards:
  7. Quote:
    If its a pentuim with windows 3.1 on it nevermind lol

    It could be a Pentium system with Windows 95 or 98 on it.
    Fun for mid 90's games.
  8. Make sure your friend keeps in mind if hes building a new PC, going with really old parts is usally not the best idea, there is a point where you are wasting money on old/poor performing tech, when there is somthing out there that performs much better and costs exactally them same as the older parts do. A balanced needs to be reached because at a certain point even the oldest parts maintain a price that is far to high and make it unsenceable to buy them over newer models.
  9. ^1 thechief73
    For ie Have you seen the prices of AGP cards!!!
  10. king smp said:
    ^1 thechief73
    For ie Have you seen the prices of AGP cards!!!

    he's right though

    for example:

    4650 AGP $80

    4670 PCIE $65

    there are far better examples, i just can't think of another at the moment
  11. Nice links
    I finally upgraded to a PCI-Express x16,sata 3 and DDR2 800 LGA775 system.
    I am on a tight budget so this was an improvement on my AGP,IDE and PC2100 266mhz system.
    And it wasnt just the speed factor; it was the lower prices and better availability of parts.
    I got laughed at when I asked for a AGP card in a computer store! LOL
  12. i guess it depends on how many gens one is behind as well

    if one would have a celly 500 sdram intel 810 and dma ide - one would be happy with a dell LGA775 you can get for 200 somewhere and throw in a video card...
  13. here is a quick summary of CPU generations.

    "Pentium" Classic and MMX
    Range from 75 to 233Mhz

    Pentium2's from 233 to 450

    Pentium3's from 450 to 1400

    My phone has over 500Mhz (And it's OLD)

    Pentium 4 from 1500 to 3400mhz

    At this point, cpu makers decided to push more instructions per mhz... and the mhz race died and now turned to more cores and better architecture.

    PentiumD's (2 pentium4's taped together) not the best but work fairly well.
    Those go in the 3.4Ghz

    Core2's range is all over the place from 1.8 to +- 3400Mhz
    Note that core2 1.8 will kill a 3.0ghz PentiumD


    Intel Core I3 , CoreI5, CoreI7 are the latest.

    AMD has
    K6 up to 300Mhz (against Pentium 1's and 2's)
    K6-2's against pentium2's
    Athlon's who killed Pentium3's
    AthlonXP's compeating against Pentium4's till HT came out.
    Athlon64's were great against Pentium4
    AthlonX2's not bad but the core2's took the lead.

    Athlon II's
    Phenom II's are cost effective... but don't hold a candle against a Quad I5 or I7

    My advice, you can build a really cheap AMD Athlon II X4 with around 2.8Ghz and a low to mid range videocard.

    It really depends on exactly what part he has...

    For example if he has DDR2 and an LGA775 motherboard... get a new cheap Pentium Chip and a midrange videocard.

    Here is some interesting reading material

    It's easy to get lost in wikipedia clicking on related links.

    Enjoy ;)
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