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Hey All,
I'm looking to build a new computer for around $1100.

My last build was a e6400 core2duo. I can't really use anything from that build (except for my 25 inch beautiful monitor). I have, regrettably, not kept up with technology since I graduated over a year ago. My goal is to have a computer that can run Starcraft 2 at max settings, as well as the ability to run the future Final Fantasy MMO at near max settings.

I am not opposed to the AMD chipsets, but I have had great success with Intel in the past (I have been looking at the i7).

So... basically... the perfect build for me would include:

This Antec case looks nice, I am not sure of what PSU I would use though:

Intel i7 920/930

Any Mobo that works well (ASUS or Gigabyte)

6 gb of ddr3 ram (not sure of which ram or how much to get)

80 GB ssd (Or 60GB doesn't matter)

Radeon 5870 (just looks so good,I can probably do with a down grade)

Maybe liquid cooling (Never done it before though, don't know how difficult or expensive it would be though)

Random dvd burner

All recommendations of AMD, different Mobos, cases, ram, graphics card, etc. I can use all the help you can provide.


David the Shoemaker
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  1. The 930 is a great chip. Why liquid cooling, do you plan to extreme oc your chip?

    Can't argue with your GPU, it's a great card. If money is an issue you can always pick up a 4870 for cheap.

    I'd suggest this mobo:

    There is a lot of good ram options out there so I'd shop around. I'm partial to Crucial so I'd probably go with this:

    I've also used G-Skill brand ram in the past and have no complaints.

    SSDs are worth putting a lot of research time in. Their performance and vary widely between bands. I'd also suggest taking a look at the higher rpm performance drives such as this:

    I'm not sure of the current high end SSDs but a year ago when I was looking the high rpm magnetic drives where performing on par with the SSDs, also the price/performance of a 10k drive is usually higher then an SSD. Just something to consider.
  2. That drive looks nice. I haven't looked into the difference between the 10k hdd and the ssd. But if it is relatively small, that looks like a better idea.

    That was the same Ram I was looking into. I just was unsure of whether to go for 6gm or 12 (is that gonna be overkill)

    That Mobo looks good but has a large amount of 1 ratings (don't know if its an issue that has been fixed).

    Liquid cooling was more for fun than anything. I probably will only OC it up to like 3.5 ghz without playing with voltages. I guess I can remove that from my build.

    Concerning the card, money isn't really an "issue" as I will be paying it with my credit card regardless, but keeping the build under 1200 will be more difficult if you buy a 400 dollar card.

    I am still in need of information concerning the Case and a good power supply.
    Any recommendations? What do you think of the one I posted?
    I appreciate your help.
  3. A couple of things to look for when shopping for PSUs are:
    1. Efficentcy Certification. Such as 80+ (bronze, silver, gold etc). A PSU with an 80+ cert means that at 20, 50 and 100% load the PSU operated with 80% or better efficiency. Meaning less energy lost in the transfer from wall socket to PC. The bronze, silver, gold apply to higher then 80% in the different load categories. I'm not sure what they are but you can google it. There is no 90+ yet as even 80+ “gold” PSUs are not that efficient across the board. So the first thing you want in a PSU is at least an 80+ cert.

    2. Active or Passive PFC. PFC stands for (Power Factor Correction), the ability of the PSU to adjust the various energies within it for higher efficiency. Here you want a PSU with an “active” PFC. I think the EU made it mandatory, the US is likely sure to follow or has already so finding a passive PFC unit is rare. Though if you notice one, avoid it.

    3. Modular. Modular PSUs provide an advantage and a disadvantage over traditional PSUs. The modular refers to the cable system. A Modular PSU allows you to remove cables your not using. However this increases electrical resistance (more power in one end to get the required power out the other end) resulting in reduced efficiency. I personally stay away from Modular PSUs but if cabling is a greater concern for you then efficiency you may be inclined to try it.

    With all that said I'm partial to two brands of PSU manufacturers, Antec and Corsair.

    As for what wattage to buy that depends on a few things. If your plan to heavily OC your cpu, plan to OC your GPU, plan to go into SLI/CF, and whether or not you might be putting in more hard drives later on. Those are the biggest energy users in your PC.

    I'd recommend this if you don't plan to do much overclocking or adding more drives:

    However if you want your system to potentially support a heavily OC cpu in the future and perhaps a oced sli/cf setup or even a quad sli setup you'll need a lot more watts which puts you in the 1200 range. In that case try something like this:

    I come from the philosophy that your Case is the one component of your PC you will likey be able to use the longest, if not forever. I therefore invest quite a bit into a case because I can use it for the next build, the build after that and who knows how many more upgrades and new builds into the future. There are several great case manufactures (Antec, Lian Li, Thermaltake, Cooler Master) all with several excellent cases in their product lines.

    I like to look at where the PSU will be mounted (top or bottom) first in a case and then how it's fan mounts are positioned for the best air flow. I own two Antec Cases (P180B and P182 SE) and an Cool Master Centurion 5. I'm thrilled with all three.

    Because I haven't needed to buy a case in some time I haven't looked at them in awhile. But my brother recently purchased an Antec 900 and it was easy to work with and is quite a nice case. If I had need of another case I would probably go with an Antec 900.
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  5. Combo- 1055 T Processor and 5870 Vid Card 554.98
    Combo- Antec 900 Case and Good Power Supply 169.98
    Ram- Crucial (6GB) PC3-12800 DDR3 150.99
    Hard Drive (Downgrade) 7200 rpm 1TB 89.99
    Random DVD RW 18.99
    Motherboard- I don’t know…? 210
    Total 1,194.93

    I just need assistance on the Mobo, what do you guys think of the build?
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