Need help please, Hard Drive not detected.

Intel Core i3-3220
Kingston HyperX Blu 2GB DDR3 1600MHz 4096MB RAM
1 TB WD Caviar Blue
GeForce GTS 450 SuperClocked 1 GB
Coolermaster eXtreme Power Plus 600W

It seems that my old hard drive is busted (1 TB WD Caviar Green), I bought a new one and everything is working fine. I lost all my data, so I asked a friend to lend me his hard drive to restore some of my lost data but his hard drive wasn't detected on my motherboard but it was not damaged like mine, its just not detected, am I doing something wrong here!!? why old hard drive are not detected on the mother board?

Note: My friend's hard drive is WD 500 GB 7200 rpm 16 mega buffer and I guess its been 3 or 4 years on the model of the hard drive beacuse at that there where no colors to specify models
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  1. I already did the first time when my hard drive was not working, it freezes my boot screen, once its unplugged everything works great, I bought a new hard drive because the old one was already dying then when every thing was great and shiny I found out that the MB can't read my friend's hard drive with an exception of the bios not freezing, it enters the bios setting but the hard not detected!!
  2. Try installing the drive's OPT1 jumper. This limits the SATA interface speed to 1.5Gbps.

    Jumper Settings for WD SATA and EIDE Hard Drives:
  3. So how will that help?? I have my new hard drive WD blue working fine, other old hard drive's that are not working.
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    Some drives and SATA controllers don't seem to be able to autonegotiate a mutually agreeable speed.
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