Which suits asus i7 better nvidia or ati

my system is as follows : 2x corsair solid state drives 128 gig ; 860 , 2.8 i7 processor ; asus p7p55d mobi thermal take frio air cooler 4 x 2 gig corsair dominator 2000mgz modules hunt key 900watt power supply , zalman gs 1000 plus ( black ) case . which is the better card to use , gtx 470 of the ati 5870 and which make would be the best
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  1. Doesn't matter at all, get which ever card you feel is best and it also doesn't matter (In terms of performance) which make of card you get.

    The difference between brands are:

    warranty length
    Included bundle/accessories
  2. if i choose to run 2 cards which i prob will do , some say that asus board will performs better in cross fire than in sli , is it better to get 1 huge card or 2 smaller cards , ei : 2x 5870 or 1 x 5970
  3. If your board supports SLI and CF then they will both work perfectly fine on your board , doesn't matter whar make your board is.

    Generally its better to get the single fastest card you can afford as it takes up less space in your case ( 2 slots, instead of 4) and leaves you with the option to get another card as an upgrade in the future.

    With your example the 2 x HD5870's will perform about 20% better than a single HD5970 but will also use more power and so will generate more heat.
  4. thanks that is all i needed to know , cooling i dont have a problem with and going the route of 2 x 5870 sounds fine . thank you for the prompt reply .
  5. Your welcome.
  6. Worklog coming monday sir. I shall post you a link to it on monday if you would like?
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