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I'm pretty new at building computers so a few of these may be "basic" questions, but I'd appreciate getting an opinion from you the wise!

I'm going to be using an Intel i5 processor.

What I Want In A Motherboard
I'm looking for best gaming potential as well as the ability to expand long term, if that's possible.
The ability to place larger fans on top of the CPU (assuming that helps lifespan as well as performance)
HDMI (as long as its better on the motherboard)
At least 1 USB 3.0
RAID capability
PCIe 2.0

With these preferences in mind here are a the questions:
Is the Z68 really worth the price over and above the P67 Motherboards? On that note, are there other motherboards that may not be on my radar, since these are primarily the two types of boards that I'm looking at?

Is it better to have the HDMI output on the motherboard or the graphic card?

Which do you think are the best for $100 motherboards and $200 motherboards?

Does overclocking affect the lifespan of your CPU?

Thank you for your help!
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  1. If you are looking for future use, get an Asus z68 socket 1155 motherboard with an i5 2500k. That should get you going for a while. Get a good CPU cooler and you will be set for that, simply "placing fans ontop of the CPU" won't do much, just buy a solid cooler. If you aren't overclocking, the stock intel cooler will be just fine.

    Buy a videocard with HDMI out, It will make you much better off than integrated. Look for a video card with an Audio controller to allow audio via HDMI. (It may be standard on all newer cards, I don't run HDMI out of the machine I have with a new card so don't know if it works)

    PCIe 2.0 or greater is a standard on new boards, don't concern yourself there.

    I believe Z68 boards have USB 3.0 on them.

    What RAID requirements do you have? Some boards will allow simple RAID 0 and 1 on their controller however, as an enterprise machine builder, I recommend separate RAID controllers but, what I recommend may be a bit extreme. You can probably use a cheap PCIe x1 controller and be set.

    As for overclocking, If you do it intelligently and responsibly, you shouldn't have an issue. I OC nearly ALL my processor and all of them have been decommissioned due to obsolescence, not from dying due to OC. (And I've been known to run some pretty hot and high clock CPU's) Same goes for my RAM, I always buy Corsair memory which *may* make a difference (Bigger heat spreader primarily) but, I can't say they are the best because I simply haven't really used anything else. And I plan on sticking with Corsair because I like their quality and customer service over others I've had to work with. (I've worked with many RAM manufacturers but only use Corsair in the machines I intend to OC. I've used some OCZ and Kingston i guess but like Corsair so I never really got to know how any of my others OC'd)

    Hope that helps you out, ask any other questions you have and quote anything of mine needing clarification. Welcome to the Forum and computer building!
  2. This was great! Thanks!

    A few more questions.

    I should have mentioned that I was interested in overclocking, but only if a cooling system could keep it in check.
    What are your opinions on the P67, Z68 or the SABERTOOTH X58? Lets say I was using an i7 though to keep it standard. Could you elaborate more on why I should stick with the i5 (which would exclude the Sabertooth all together)?

    On my Dads computer he used thermal paste and had a cooling system put in place and that seems to keep it temperature wise in check. However I read (once and haven't found it again) that thermal paste eventually wares off?? Is this something that you have to keep reapplying...?

    We decided to not do a RAID set-up. We are going to have a 60GB SSD Hardrive to put the OS and some other programs that I would run frequently. We would then have a 7200 RPM Terabyte HDD for regular files.

    The HDMI question was perfect, I think I've found a card. Its on the more pricier side but according to newegg, its got some pretty darn good reviews and few duds/mess ups. However I cant tell if it has the audio controller you were talking about.

    In terms of RAM I'm pretty sure I was going to take Corsair as well. Heard great things about it just like you. I was thinking about getting 8gb of RAM and potentially OC it as well considering you haven't had any troubles with it.

    I should keep mentioning that I'm looking for a computer that will last me 5 years.

    More jumbled questions, but we are finally picking parts! Hope this narrows down what I was looking for and helps with any other suggestions you might have! Thanks for the welcome as well :)
  3. You should definitively stick to lga 1155 for gaming, so x58 is out of the question. I7 2600k has hyperthreading which the i5 2500k does not. Games don't benefit from hyperthreading so spending $100 more on it doesn't make sense unless you were going to use photo/video editing or other multithreaded programs that take advantage of it. There's really no point in z68 over p67 for gaming as z68's only difference is the use of the igpu which is much too weak for games and ssd caching which is irrelevant in your situation (and useless imo).

    I'm a bit confused on how you are stating "cooling system." Every cpu needs a heatsink and every cpu and heatsink has TIM (thermal interface material) in between. Thermal paste usually doesn't need to be replaced before needing a new cpu and should last 5 years. You'd really only replace it if you detach the heatsink.

    I'd suggest you make a new thread in the new build section, filling out the correct form so that we could help you pick parts.
  4. So what would be a motherboard to go with the i5 that would benefit for gaming?

    When I say cooling system I'm referring to the cooler. Sorry for the mix-ups in terms. And thank you for the thermal past advice.

    Moving this to the build section.
  5. Sorry I'm late. Look for any Asus or Gigabyte borads with good gaming/overclocking reviews on the egg. They can direct you FAR better than we can there. I say Asus and Gigabyte because they are the big, solid names but others would also be nice, I only use those 2 though. And for performance machines, I shell out for Asus. Always.
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