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How can i connect my printer to a computer which is not in the same workgroup? would i need to change the workgroup of that computer or there is another way to connect it? Please help me. thanx.
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  1. Is the printer directly attached to the network? A printer isn't part of a workgroup...

    Or is the printer attached to a PC (USB for example) and that PC is in a different workgroup?
  2. Thanks for your attention to mu problem. Actually, the printer is attached to a PC which is from a different workgroup. What should i do?
  3. i never had this situation, just a guess..
    go to add printer-> network printer->Microsoft windows network->YOUR workgroup ->system with shared printer(it will also shows to shared printers when you select the workgroup) -> shared printer..

    or give a try with this
  4. Is this a home network? Just make the computers both be in the same workgroup, if there's no real reason for them to be in different workgroups.

    If you can't do that, try doing start - run - then type in \\machinename or \\ipaddress (the actual machine name or ip address) of the machine with the printer attached, from the want you want to use it from. for example, \\ - it should show a list of available resources
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