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Cpu upgrade

hi, i upgraded my cpu from a dual core to a quad core. my new cpu is supported and works fine, but i havent noticed any change in performance. Am i missing something?
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  1. ok ill try that out thanks
  2. Hi nzrush, Welcome to THW.

    To give you any type of helpfull answer we will first need to know what exact CPU you had and upraded to. Also what you use your PC for? Apps that you run? Games?

    Otherwise, any answer is a shot in the dark.
  3. hi guys
    old cpu- AMD athlon 64 x2 dual core @2.4ghz
    new cpu- AMD athlon II x4 quad core @2.6ghz
    graphics- Nvidia geforce 9500gt super+ 1gb
    ram- 3gb
    Windows xp home edition

    I mainly use my pc for gaming.
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    Hey nzrush,

    With those CPU's to put it simply you just added 2 more cores, the 200MHz difference in speed isnt going to be noticable. The only time your going to see/feel a difference between your old CPU and the new one is when your playing games that are specifically desinged to use multiple cores or in applications designed for multiple cores, like doing 3d rendering, video encoding, and file compression.
  5. ^Ouch^ :??:
  6. OUCH indeed :??:
    But otherwise I guess dipankar is kinda right.
    For a real boost in performance, specially gaming performance, you'd need a new GPU in addition to the new CPU.
    Otherwise the PC is going to be GPU limited.
  7. well i took some advice of my mate and bought the Sapphire HD6870 1G GDDR5 Video card Dual DVI + HDMI+Display Port. i also had to buy a new power supply.
  8. hey guys, in cpu-id it comes up with my core speed being 800 mhz. Is that correct?
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  10. nzrush said:
    hey guys, in cpu-id it comes up with my core speed being 800 mhz. Is that correct?

    Are you sure you are reading that correctly? Sounds like maybe your FSB Speed but not Core Speed.
  11. it definitely say core speed as 800mhz with the multiplier reading as 4. Sometimes it says the core speed is 2646mhz with the multiplier as 13. If im correct shouldn't the multipliers be the other way around?
  12. No, higher multi = higher speed. It must be the power saving turning down the speed of your CPU, thats really all I can think of. But the numbers look right.
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