DOA Motherboard?

So I just got my new build all built and guess what it doesnt work! So I wana know why. BIOS doesnt post when I boot it up. The fans spin, but nothing is displayed AND no beeps. It's all connected. I tried 2 different graphics cards in 2 different slots. No change. I tried a different PSU. My old one was 850W but it didnt work and found out it was missing a wire that this motherboard needed. (Tested a friends 650W and traded). So it does power on. But still nothing. Moved RAM around, tried 1 stick, 2 sticks, nothing. So is the motherboard dead? Maybe processor? I'd like to hear it!

Here's the new stuff.
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  1. First question: Did you insert both the 24-pin and 8-pin power connectors?
  2. You betcha. I called ASUS. They said it sounds like a DOA. The motherboard has some cool specs on it that tells you when something is wrong. LEDs light up where the problem is, IE GPU, RAM, CPU, etc. All that passed the tests and I got no beeps. Newegg is replacing.
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