Need urgent help, not boot, no beep

Hi there,

I need urgent help on a new build,

Built yesterday, no problems. Booted fine windows 7 installed all was good (except the moptherboard onboard LAN not finding iself)

I turn it on this morning.. No beep no video input, Fans running on full. Held the power switch to turn off

All connections appeared fine

Occasionally it turns on, the fans calm down, the DVD and HDD sound like they are booting, but no boot and no beep

Take the RAM in and out and their is one beep (phew) motherboard boots into BIOS, starts to boot into windows, and then the screen says no video input

Won't boot again

Take the left RAM stick out, boot. Nothing

Replace, Take the right stick out, boot. Nothing

Take both out quickly and replace, boot. Nothing

Take both out, leave for a bit hope the motherboard resets, boot. Nothing

Try again, motherboard boots, windows screen... cuts out like before

When I apply pressure to the motherboard it occasionally boots with the fans calming down, however no boot into BIOS or Windows

It was fine last night what the hell is going on?!
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  1. You may have a wire or piece of metal touching part of the motherboard. I suggest you take it out and check underneath. Also check the backplate for squareness and the tabs to be sure they're not touching inside one of the ports. Check each case standoff to be sure they're all the same heighth (I've mixed them before). Reseat each power supply lead to the board and drives. Good luck.
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