IntelDP55SB P55 Socket1156 8 Channel Motherboard has any one used it?

i cant seem to find any info on IntelDP55SB P55 Socket1156 8 Channel Motherboard, my friend was going to use it but i said go for

Asus P7P55D Evo Intel P55 (Socket 1156) DDR3 PCI-Express Motherboard

but he said the Intel DP55SB P55 Socket1156 8 Channel Motherboard is better for overclocking and gaming but there is no info no this mb???????

what one is better? he has £130 on a mb if you can come up with better

ps cpu is i5 760 because its £130 (aria) :)
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    I'm an ASUS "fan boy" so take that into account:
    the latter is a full ATX motherboard, whereas
    the Intel model is a micro-ATX motherboard.

    I tend to prefer full ATX motherboards that have
    seven (7) expansion slots (the ATX standard).

    With a single-slot PCI-E video card, that leaves
    plenty of room for future expansion (if that's
    important to you). It also affords an opportunity
    to create "breathing" space between add-on cards,
    to assist with cooling and ventilation e.g. PCI slot coolers.

    BUT, "Open Box" items at Newegg may be missing
    items like the I/O shield, Support CD, etc. and,
    for that reason, we stay away from "Open Box" items.

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