Rebuilding MAME cabinet, need advice on replacing PC

I'm rebuilding my old MAME cabinet. The PC is shot. I've got a million projects already going. Can someone suggest a decent barebones PC (either specs or place to get one), and a video card? Thanks much!
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  1. If all that system needs to do is run MAME, then I'd probably check ebay or craigslist for an old dell P4 system. You should be able to find any number of systems for under $100. On-board graphics should be more than enough for your purposes.

    Other option (if you have one locally) is a Computer Renaissance store.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Actually, I'm able to get the machine up and running, it's just slow. It's an old Athlon 1.20 Ghz with 512 ram. It's using an All in Wonder card with 256 ram. Would updating the system memory and video card be better than buying a new rig, or would it still be draggy? Wanting to run MAME, Daphne, and Hyperspin decently. I figured for what it would cost to get more memory and a better video card I could get a shuttle or something. (Not sure how shuttles do with Mame though)
  3. Your better off upgrading the entire rig. I've seen Pentium D/Athlon X2 PCs go on sale (minus HDDs) for ~$100-150 on craigslist and Ebay. For example:

    Hell, I'v even seen refurbished C2D (E6xxx,etc) go on sale for $150.
  4. Thank the info!
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