How to test a PSU?

Hi all - I just bought an Antec Earthwatts 380D when it was on a good sale at Newegg over the weekend. I am waiting till SB in January to build my system.

Is there any way for me to test this PSU to make sure it "works" as I will be past the RMA time period by January? Is there a light or something on it? Should I just open my current Dell and plug a couple of the Sata power cords into my current HDDs and see if they fire up? Any other ideas?

Granted I took a risk as the PSU was twenty five bucks which seemed to be a good price, but I don't want to keep it in the box and then find out its DOA come January.....
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  1. You are likely fine without testing, but to actually test properly you would need to install in a system and connect fully or use a PSU tester like the one below:
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    It's smart to want to make sure it works, putting it in your Dell would be a sure fire way of making sure.
    Other than that you will only be able to do a no-load/low-load test by connecting a fan to one of the molex and jumping the green wire on the 24 pin connector with any of the black wires , then hitting the switch.
    Don't let the $25 after rebate price fool you, they are decent little unit's.
  3. Thanks! Prob not gonna spend $25 to make sure my $25 PSU works.....I'd say the odds are with me.....

    And no the price didn't fool me! I had read some reviews a few weeks back and saw that the E380D was a nice unit, so when I saw it for $25 I hit it......I was originally gonna get it in a combo with an Antec 300, but I've now decided to go with CM 690 ii, so I doubt it will be bundled with a competitors' case......

    I'll just do a little plugging in and make sure it doesn't blow up, and then I guess I should be fine.
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