Questions about HDDs in the market

I am assembling a new build and have some questions:

1) Do I need to upgrade my 5 year old SATA II HDD

2) If so, which HDD would you recommend (has to be a HDD)? WD or Seagate? I can't get the difference between WD Blue Green or Black.

I am looking for performance and power savings so I don't need a top notch drive.
500 GB will do as I would be using other HDDs I have as back up. Unless the price difference between 500GB and a higher capacity is hardly anything.

Thanks you.
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    your sata 3 drive is fine so re use it for the next build
    there are newer hard drives with sata 6, but sata 6 interface only benefits with solid state disks because they are faster and they will use the increased bandwidth

    the difference between wd hard drives is the black versions are the fastest while blue and green offer some sort of energy saving feature/ lower temps that would be beneficial in servers or computers with multiple hard drives
  2. I said I have a Sata 2.0?
    Is that still OK with my build featuring the latest Core i5?
    Consider this build as for personal use.
    Thank you.
  3. okay
    sata 1 is 1.5gigs per channel (sata 1,5)
    sata 2 is 3 gigs per channel (called sata 3)
    sata 3 is 6 gigs per channel (called sata 6)

    yes lga 1155 core i5 motherboards come with sata 3 (older) and sata 6 ports (newer) so you can save money and re use your older drive.
  4. A 5 yr old hdd is likely to fail soon. It would be fine as a storage as it would get less usage. So maybe get a 120gb ssd.

    Sata 2 is not called sata 3 and it's Gb/s not gigs per channel, hdds don't have channels per se and Gb/s is a measure of bandwidth. Sata 3 is also not called sata 6. They may be referred to as sata 3Gb/s and sata 6 Gb/s but the number alone refers to version. Otherwise you are just confusing everyone. Gigs also usually refers to gigabytes when this is in gigabits.
  5. Ok,
    I think I will stick to my old SATA 2.0 3Gbps drive.
    Thank You.
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