Asus GeForce 7950GX2 PCI-E card on craigslist for $40. Is this a good price and

I know I'm asking about some old stuff here, but I'm not familiar w/ the newer graphics technology and my budget is very limited.
Someone listed the 7950GX2 for $40, but I've read that it won't play DirectX10 games or DX10 programs like Vista. Is this true? I think my mobo supports it, my ps is good, and I have enough room in the case, but how much of an upgrade is this over my current Nvidia Geforce7600gt? Is there anything else I should consider as far as other video cards or compatibility issues?
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  1. the 7950Gx2 does not play DX10 games but it should support Vista. I know your 7600GT supports vista. Its a good step up from your current card. $40 is not a bad price but the Nvidia 7xxx series is getting up there in old age for video cards and you don't know how much life is left in that card. If you are saving up for a new card, keep saving. If you are willing the risk $40, its not a bad risk....I might ask the person to show me it still runs though...
  2. Its faster then your 7600GT, thats for sure. Like your 7600GT the 7 series is DX9 only, so no DX10 for you. I'm not sure how the GX2 compares to modern GPUs in terms of performance. My guess would be not good, but then again its probably faster then anything else you can get for $40. The GTS250 after rebate can be found for $50 and is a much better card. You might also want to look at the used forum on, they have a very active trade/sell forum with lots of stuff available.
  3. Id Get it For That Price Its Faster Than ANY Dx10 Or 11 Card You Could Get For $40.00 (Provided It Is Legit) Whoever Told You That Vista Is Dx10 Only Is An Idiot, It Actually Uses Dx9 And Any Dx10/11 Game Can Be Run In Dx9 Mode.
  4. The GeForce 7950 GX2 was a good card back in its day, it performs a bit slower than the 8800 GT 256 MB and 8800 GTS 320 MB. On the ATi side, it should perform around the same as the HD 4650 DDR3, run a bit slower than the HD 3850 256 MB and HD 5550 GDDR5.
  5. You guys are awesome. Thanks.
  6. Lmeow, this will make me look like a noob (rightfully so), but how could the 7950GX2 perform worse than a 256MB 8800GT? Are you talking about benchmarks or is there some other spec that I should pay more attention to than the memory size?
  7. GPU speed in Mhz and how many shader cores is the biggest thing. Also important is memory bandwidth and pixel pipelines.
  8. Cannibalsnail said:
    GPU speed in Mhz and how many shader cores is the biggest thing. Also important is memory bandwidth and pixel pipelines.

    benchmarks are the only important stat in comparing video cards.
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