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AmD or Intel for Gaming ?

Hi guys , which one of these will do BETTE IN Heavy GAMES & handling Very Heavy Tasks ?!

Intel i5 760 (or) AMD Pehnom 6X T1055

which one is better Match with ATI 5850 or 6870 ?
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  1. Either way your CPU won't be the limiting factor for games, something like a 955 would be the best amd chip, and the best value.

    Heavy tasks means a lot of different things, be more specific.

    6870 is generally faster than 5850, and definitely a better value.
  2. You will be better off spending a little less on a CPU and putting the money saved toward a more powerful GPU.
  3. If just gaming,.. then I would get a AMD and save some $ and put it towards a better GPU or SSD ;)
  4. not just Gaming !I DO Lots of Heavy Gameing & in ANADTECH i see that i5 760 was higher in games from T1055 but was Little Lower in some Programs ! Finaly which one is more powerfull i5 760 or phenom T1055 !

    T1055 has 6 Cores But i saw that Games Act better on Quad Cores ! Please Finaly tell me which one is MORE POWERFULL ! TNX
  5. I am Using 1440 Rez so ! isnt 6870 or 5850 enough for me ? why i should get better VGA card ? u MEAN i should PLAN for Higher VGA card than those i mentioned up there ?
  6. Only get a hexacore if you do thread-heavy tasks such as video encoding, otherwise stick to a quad core. As others have said, the 955 is the best balance between performance and price. I also second getting a 6850. It would be sufficent for 1440 resolution.
  7. If you are not going to work on core heavy programs such as 3DS Max, vmware etc., a hexa core processor is going to be an inefficient investment..
  8. I do LOTS of Heavy Gaming i want CPU for Gaming not for Working that LOT , what now ?
  9. I saw that Intel is Much better in games
    & AMD is better in works ! is that right ?
  10. Phenom II X4 955 will easily support any heavy gaming you would throw at it.
    Plus it'll give you the best bang-for-the-buck.

    And "Intel being much better in games"....... Nah, where did you get that from ???
  11. A 955BE, 965BE, 970BE are all quite adept in gaming. For a CPU to be capable in gaming you only need so much. Rest all is done by the GPU. So invest in a better GPU and go the AMD way. Or wait for the Sandy Bridge and see the bechmarks and buy. That would mean another 2 months at least.
  12. Dipankar2007ind , Whats wrong with u ? i saw a new thing that says that AMD is better in games whereas I saw that anand tech says that Intel is ... which one says the Right THING !
  13. Ok now what is SnapDragon ?? & can u just dont Confuse me , because i have Confused enough about Choosing Between many Brands & Models that many say YES & many Say no about them !!
  14. If you need a confirmed picture then let us know your budget for the components that you require.. Btw, snapdragon is the code name for a processor primarily (to the extent I know) used in certain cell phones such as HTC HD2, Google Nexus One, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and few others..
  15. Its mostly for mobile phones made by Qualcomm. Don't know why that point was brought up in the first place? :??:
  16. Ok ok lets not bring that Topic here for now , just Simply Tell me which one of THESE Cpus are Better at Games ?! we only talk about the GAMES my Friends !

    AM3 - Phenom II X6 1055T
    AM3 - Phenom II X4 965
    Intel i5 760 2.8Ghz

    Its too simple , just say which one IS ! oh but away i need that CPu to Fully match with 6870 or 5850 ! so SImply MARK the best
  17. I Compared them saw theire Benchmarks at , u can see for ur Self & judge !
  18. We have seen it time again! Out of the list you mentioned, i5 760 is no doubt the best. If you are on a budget then 965BE also does the job equally well. 1055T is just a hex core processor, not worth putting your money into unless you are doing heavy threaded apps.
  19. I can Pay for i5 760 ( but i cant pay more ) . so T1055 is Out of the List

    i5 760 is lower than 965BE ???? WHy ? i want it for Game . no HEAVy Apps !
  20. Ok i little worry about Future & i think if i5 760 is better then it will works longer !
    will games need 6 Cores in Future or i5 760 or 965BE both will Provide me for Long TIME !!
  21. Dipankar2007ind u Put me in Danger , why did u Called my NAME here . wanna see me GET baned ?
  22. Quote:
    Intel is always better in gaming.

    Sorry, but that's a very biased statement.
    For a fair comparison of CPU gaming performance you should check out :,review-32031.html
    Here you'll see AMD listed just as often as Intel.
    I agree that if you're talking absolutely max. performance regardless of the cost then Intel CPUs comes out on top.
    But for most gamers "better" means "giving the best performance/price ratio".
    And on that scale AMD stands strong.
    As an example just see what the article says about AMD's Athlon II X3 450 :
    "It is such a great gaming CPU, in fact, that it almost renders most of the CPUs in the $100 to $130 range overkill. "
  23. See ?? anyone say other things ! how do i kick my Doubts out of my Mind when i hear many differente things
  24. Viper98 said:
    Hi guys , which one of these will do BETTE IN Heavy GAMES & handling Very Heavy Tasks ?!

    Intel i5 760 (or) AMD Pehnom 6X T1055

    which one is better Match with ATI 5850 or 6870 ?

    I'd go with a Core i3-530 and overclock the crap out of it. Tom's Hardware runs gaming tests constantly, and is constantly finding the graphics cards to be CPU-bottlenecked. I know this is opposite of what most of the guys in here are telling you, but this advice comes from observation.
  25. No i dont like to OC . i hate to OC New Hardware . its Risky & , oh man , i just dont like it . so Finlay i think i5 760 is good Match with 6870 or 5850 & can be much better than Phenom 965
  26. Quote:
    ^I agree with you.Thats why in my previous post i have said faster the gpu more it will be benefitted from a fast cpu.But i donot think OP is interested in overclocking.
    Right, but if you don't overclock, you lose.

    Really, you're just wasting your money on graphics right now if you don't overclock. The CPU's suck that bad. Or is it that graphics companies got too far ahead of the game? Anyway, at anything less than 4GHz, all processors are severely bottlenecking mid-priced and better cards.
  27. @OP: Do a little bit of reading. AMD better/Intel Better is a load of crap and people shouting like fanboys are a load of crap as well.

    Point is... it all boils down to your total budget and what you get the best out of your budget. If you are looking for a complete build then its best you mention your budget and we may help out. There is a section on this forum which is specifically made for suggestions on new rigs called the "Systems" sections. Fill out the template and mention your budget and knowledgeable people from the forum will help you out.

    P.S. - I think the bottlenecking thing is bit too over hyped! But that is just my opinion!
  28. Crashman said:
    at anything less than 4GHz, all processors are severely bottlenecking mid-priced and better cards.

    If you are talking about dual video card setups then it may be true.. However, for a single card rig, your point makes little sense..
  29. Quote:
    Go and find some other place to troll.

    Were you posting one of the items on your "todo" list? (We could hope.)
  30. Intel i5 650 3.2GHz dual-core processor would be the wisest selection at this time. That's the one I am going with. Hell, I could afford a quad processor if I really wanted - but why waste money on a quad-core when games aren't even fully utilizing the multi core processors yet? In order for a game to fully utilize the quad core, hex cores, etc... the software would need to be rewritten. Current games and games coming out for the next three years will most likely be based around dual-core processors. After that we will be seeing more quad core, hex core, oct core, deca core, etc... being released. Apparently (according to rumours) at the end of next year Intel hopes to have released a 16-core processor. Pretty nifty, huh?
  31. OH wait a sec , dont Confuse me , ur saying if i get i5 760 & 6870 or 5850 i have to OC my CPU to see my 5850 working Well ?? or intel i5 760 would be enough without OCing it ? after that Quad Cores are Best in games , no Dual Core & No 6 cores . Quad Cores are best for Games like Gta IV & ARMA 2 .

    After that my Primary Question was something else :

    Phenom 965 or i5 760 for Gaming ? which one acts better ? Dipankar2007 i got ur answer & i like it but please let others give Theire Opinions with reasons !

  32. i5 650 has Hyper Threading Technology , & it s not natrual DUAL CORE , it acts like a QUAD CORES , so it doesnt mean that DUAL CORES are great for gaming , some games need Quad Cores , But 6 cores havent been used by any game in our PLANET yet ! not sure about other PLANETS !! lol
  33. I think you missed my point.
  34. What Thread i should open in that Section ? same Question ? if yes then i will.
  35. Viper98 said:
    What Thread i should open in that Section ? same Question ? if yes then i will.

    You've spammed the forums with this same question under different account names so much that another thread on the same subject under any account name will get all your accounts perma banned.
  36. Ok OK thanks a lot For good ANSWERING ! I am hard Stupid person that doesnt Understand things , I have no Problem with that . OK LAST QUESTION & lets Close this thread to some people feel better Ok ? IF I GO FOR AMD CPU like Pehonm 965BE ( we are just imaging ) , which will be Suitable Cheap mobo which has USB 3.0 & good Features ? Cheap mean: cheaper or Equel in Price with P55A UD3 or USB 3 ?

    After that can u explain what is Perma BANN ?
  37. It means this and any subsequent accounts will be banned.
  38. It means that i wont be able to Creat any other account any more ? even if i change my OS ? MouseMonkey, Ban Hammer hit much less than Real Fight . so if u Hate me & wanna hit me u better wait till we Meet someday ! u made that Ban hammer ur Best Weapon ?!?! oh man Come ON!
  39. Best answer
    intel i5 760 is more than enough to beat any AMD processor in hEAVY game (as long as you overclock it to at least 3.75 GHz)
  40. I don't understand why such a long discussion was necessary.. If you've no budget constraints or in other words, can afford it, then right away go for the i5 760 (leave it on Turbo if you don't feel good overclocking).. Its architecturally a better and surely more faster processor and there's nothing any AMD processor can do anything about it as of now..
  41. Viper98 said:
    What Thread i should open in that Section ? same Question ? if yes then i will.

    Last advice...
    1. Go here:

    2. Create a new Thread with the template shown in point 3. Name the thread something like "I need a new build" or something and not "AMD or Intel", that thread name only becomes a playground for Fanboys to litter with their poop.

    3. Fill out this template:

    4. Wait for people to reply and read, read them well and buy, don't go wayward asking what is this and what is that. READ (by Google or Wikipedia)

    @MM... don't scold me... just trying to help the guy! :)
  42. Best answer selected by Viper98.
  43. Thanks for all Advices i will go for i5 760
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