Replace Harddisk in my hp 4710s

Hallo everyone,

My computer (a hp4710s) recently died the cause was i tought of a broken HDD (toshiba MK3256GSY) so I ordered a new one. A Toshiba 1Tb that fits and came up as a good update HDD for my laptop.

After placing the HDD in its slot I booted up the laptop.

- the disk seems to run.
- I told my laptop to boot from cd a win 7.
- rebooted
- then I got a YUKON v6 boot up
And then a scan.
- then media check fail check cable

So I try to use disk sanitizer (build in hp)

It works sort of. 0.6 % is what it is now and moves slow. After aborting earlier i saw that it does recognize my HDD. I'm trying ro get around this as we speek.
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  1. YUKON v6?
    can you boot from the cd and get to the windows installation screen?
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