Computer crashed after screeching noise

I was playing some games on my computer when the whole thing froze and it made a screech noise, i held the power button and turned it back on i was just stuck at my ultra durable motherboard screen, i finally got on and i happened again. I build this computer and its been fine for months.
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  1. have your hard drive check.
  2. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    Seems like a bad or under powered PSU.

    Q - MOBO?
    Q - GPU(s)?
    Q - CPU?
    Q - PSU?
  3. I dont think so i have a 550 watt psu, how would i check my hard drive?
  4. Now every time i turn on my computer it freezes completely at the boot screen
  5. ChiefDecree said:
    Now every time i turn on my computer it freezes completely at the boot screen

    That screams, again, a bad PSU. You can have a 1500W PSU and have the same symptoms. The operative word here is 'bad.'

    Q - MOBO?
    Q - GPU(s)?
    Q - CPU?
    Q - PSU?
  6. Hopefully it is that, how do i go about testing one?
  7. Get a donor PSU.
  8. Please provide your full system specs, including the brand and model of your PSU, not just its wattage.

    If the screeching is two-toned, it could be a thermal alarm or a CPU fan failure.
  9. A thermal failure -- let the PC cool down 20 minutes. Yeah look at the HSF to see if it's spinning, and yeah a bad PSU can spin every fan. If your '?????' MOBO has an onboard GPU pull the discrete GPU.

    There's screeching and there's BIOS beep tones.

    My experience 'weird' and degrading booting is generally a PSU. However, it could be a bad MOBO e.g. MOSFET/etc, it could be a bad CPU, PSU, and it too could be a bad GPU.

    Listen to what's screeching - generally PSU or MOBO to cause your symptoms.
  10. Alright so i took my brothers computer and tested each part in his computer in mine, i tested the hard drive, ram, psu and gpu; the problem still continued i would get up to mabye the bios then it would freeze. He has a different socket than me so i couldnt test the processor. I assume it isnt the processor so all that leaves is a faulty MOBO, its about 2-3 years old.
  11. Let me briefly explain 'why we ask' what components you have - 1. See if listed components have had similar problems, 2. Verify proper sizing, 3. How components are attached to PSU, 4. Age of components, etc.

    'I' really dislike guessing games it helps no one. It doesn't matter to anyone here what you've got, it's irrelevant. Whether it's an old Packard Bell or some SR-2 build means nothing.

    IF you have a PSU that's gone bad and e.g. it's connected to your GPU the likely hood of damage to that component goes way up. IF you have only an onboard GPU then it's one less step to isolating the problem.

    A 'screech' not a beep means a capacitor of sorts is in it's death throws. IF it's origins are the PSU then EVERYTHING that it's attached to 'might' become damaged as well. Newer 'digital' MOBO's don't screech nearly as much as compared to older ones with e.g. large chokes...

    IF you replaced as you stated then it seems clear it's the MOBO.
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