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I got a i7 2600k to go along with this motherboard. I installed it and turned it on and it went thru its memory ok check, and then went into the bios so i can set the timing and such. I left everything the way it was as default, and saved it and exited the bios and it restarted, and seemed to restart again, and then it showed the asus screen and then showed a screen saying it was identifying the drives. then it started running xp and then it restarts before it even finishes booting xp. It retarts and shows the asus screen and goes to screen saying something about asus ez flash is corrupt, contact asus tech support. i reset the cmos, same thing. It restarts and then asks to start normally, or either go into safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, or last known configuration. Anything i try it still restarts immediately and goes back to the that screen or the one about the asus ez flash is corrupt. I build computers for a living, so i usually dont have to ask for help. this is a brand new board and processor. it arrived just yesterday. All my other components are compatible, 1600 gskill ram, 1tb 7200rpm hd 1kw psu
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  1. Did you reinstall XP on the drive FROM this borad/proc combo or are you trying to boot from an old install? If trying to boot from an old install, you should already know that won't work. It's not a PnP OS.

    Let us know what you're doing with this...
  2. I doubted it would boot. I was suprised it actually came up with the xp scree. The problem was a corrupted bios flash program. I downloaded the latest bios to a flash drive and plugged it in, turned the computer on, and went into the ezflash utility in the bios and it installed the newest version of bios in less that 30 seconds. Then I put in the win 7 disc, installed it. Then put the driver disc in and installed the ethernet driver. Then stupidly installed the bios that was on the driver disc and it asked to restart, i let it restart and i was back where i was to start with the corrupt bios. So i installed the bios again, then win7, and then im going to install the ethernet driver, then let windows take care of the rest. I'll make sure it doesnt update the bios. Its up to date now. Its amazing how they put the bios on there and its corrupt, and they give u the driver disc that has the same bios, and it is corrupt. lol Expected. Its been sitting in the warehouse too long. :) All is well.
  3. Thought that was the end of my problems..but that is not to be. When i restart my comp, I think the bios is having issues booting from the hd. It just shows the ASUS screen, then shows a screen that is says something about the disk drives and it stays there for like 2 seconds and at the bottom of that screen, it says press space to continue, which ive done, and it just restarts and seems to corrupt the bios, and if i don't press space, it goes to a red screen with a blinking __ about an inch from the top left of the screen. I let it run for 1 hour to see if maybe it was doing something, and it just stays there. Ive tried looking in the bios for anything that may be causing this and theres nothing out of the ordinary that i would need to change. I read the manuel and that was no help. I'll post a vid of what shows up on the screen and post a link here. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Are the BIOS set to allow a PS/2 OS? Also, what mode is the SATA controller set to use? It may simply need to be set as IDE or legacy. I've had some XP installs refuse to install unless it was set to IDE (Not AHCI or RAID)

    This is just a thought, also, once again, do a fresh XP install. It occasionally takes 2 installs to work correctly. (I've had that happen once or twice. There is no explanation that I can come up with, just happens that way sometimes)
  5. I think its set to allow a ps/2 os. I'll check to be sure. Also, the sata controller is set to ide. It can be switched to AHCI, no legacy. I've also installed win 7 twice already. I'm going to install it again and see if it fixes the problem.
  6. Instead of reinstalling, I gave it one more chance. I went into the bios and looked over everything. I changed a few things, like the boot order, which i did the last few times too and it didn't do anything, well i changed something else(cant remember what it was),but it restarted after i saved the settings, and booted up fine and i haven't had any problems since. One thing that it does now, is that when its configuring the updates after its booted up, it randomly restarts and configures the updates again. Everything works fine but that is rather wierd. Chrome has this glitch now that anytime i go into it the flash player quits working and it asks if i want to have it quit(of course i say yes then reload the page and all is well, till it does it again randomly. Im going to reinstall chrome and that should fix that. I'll go back into the bios tonite and see what i changed and post it so if anybody else comes across this problem they'll know what to do.
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