Adding a new drive and combining it with the previous one in RAID 0

In my current rig I have one SSD with Windows 7 installed on it and another 500gb HDD as a storage drive. The storage drive is over 3/4 full and i would like to add a new drive to my rig. I know that I can simply add the drive to the rig but I would prefer to combine another 500gb HDD with it in RAID 0.

What is the best way of going about this? I know I read somewhere that there is a possibility of there being a system reserved partition on the storage drive, will this effect the transfer in any way? The storage drive has a number of games on it and I am wondering if I take the data off the drive and put it on an external one while i reformat and combine the two 500gb drives, then put the data back on to the drive, will the games still be able to communicate with save data (among other things) on the C: drive?

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  1. well if you want to add another 500 gigs for a 1tb raid 0 config (500gb x 2) you will have to format your current 500 gig drive so the best way about is to backup your data to external drive before doing anything :D
  2. I'd double-check your chipset. Some of the better ones allow you to in-place migrate from one array type to another. Still, best to backup before trying anything :)
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