Windows 7 64 bit causes overheating gpu

Hello, I have been using a GeForce 9800 gtx video card with great success until I loaded Windows 7 64 bit. Now I am having overheating trouble just like a hundred others. I have been all over the net, trying to find an answer to my problem. A lot of people responded with pat answers about air circulation replacing the thermal paste, and flashing the bios. The problem is that none of these would change when going from Windows XP 32 bit to Windows 7 64 bit. The only real change was drivers. Could someone with more time and energy check this out? The problem doesn't seam to be limited to Nvidea though, some people are experiencing the same problems.
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  1. Use older drivers? That may help.
  2. Hessemon said:
    Could someone with more time and energy check this out?

    ......... :whistle:
  3. The Win 7 aero desktop effects put a continuous moderate strain on a GFx card.

    Just disable them and revert to simple 2d desktop effects.

    in Win XP my 5850 idles at 53c

    in Win 7 Aero Enabled my 5850 idles at 65c

    For me I am sticking with these nice new effects, but maybe a lower end card has to work harder / hotter to enable all effects.

    To disable:

    Right Click Desktop
    Click Personalise
    Select a Basic Theme

    Cool Runnings should be yours again :)

    ...otherwise if you like the aero, maybe some fiddling with drivers etc will get some improvements if lucky - but at the end of the day the pretty effects needs GFx power... lower end machines cannot run Aero at all in some cases.
  4. all my fans are on lowest possible speeds throughout my system and is summer here atm ~_^

    (and while I am mentioning things - my Antec P182 is in an enclosed(ish) space with lowish cool air access)

    is a Very Quiet setup - cannot hear it even feet away in a silent room :)
  5. hmm

    ahh figured why my PC was hotter :)

    I had been using a net Live TV app while I was working (everytime I have checked Temps since recently loading Win 7 for 1st install)...
    While it uses almost no CPU time 2 - 3%

    (using GPU-Z :)

    my 5850 GPU Load NO TV = 1 - 8 - 11% GPU load (is rare to hit 11%)
    my 5850 GPU Load WITH TV = 1 - 8 - 11% GPU load


    NO TV Core 157MHz Mem 300MHz
    WITH TV Core 400MHz Mem 900MHz

    WITH TV pulls an extra 40 - 50 watts of power from the mains power monitor I use also.

    with no TV browser app running my 5850 is also now idling at 51c today

    Am in England, Plymouth + is about 23c here today :)
  6. I would agree windows aero is probably bumping, your card over it's normal desktop clocks into the 2d application clocks
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