Cd and dvd conflict

Hello, I got a cd/dvd conflict. How can I fix it?
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  1. Please describe the setup that you have and the nature of the problem/conflict you encounter.
  2. paulcortes2000 said:
    Hello, I got a cd/dvd conflict. How can I fix it?

    No idea what you mean by this. Please explain exactly what the problem is, including any error messages.
  3. Do you want me to recommend a counselor? :whistle: Im just kidding, but more info on the problem would help.
  4. Are they IDE? . If so, are they both set as master or slave instead of one of each.
  5. ^+1, Good thinking there pastit, that never even crossed my mind.

    @op - If the drive's have the large ribbin, usally grey, sytle connection to the motherboard, they are IDE drives and there is a jumper on the back of each of them to set one to master and the other to a slave drive, most drives have them clearly labeled, if not look up the drive model number on google for instuctions.

    Here is a pic of the jumpers:

    Keep in mind this may not be the solution to your problem, but it is a VERY GOOD place to start. Again nice work pastit. [:mohsentux:7]
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