I am an idiot

I want to put all my media (videos, pictures, music) that is approximately 300 gigs on an external hard drive. Can I then simply connect that hard drive to my router so that every computer on my home network can access it?

I'm sure this is a stupid question but shows that I am totally clueless in this area. I tried getting the answer by reading the threads in this forum but I have no clue what you guys are talking about.
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  1. As long as your have a router that supports that feature you should be golden. What is the router make and model?
  2. Yeah, you need a special router for that. A NAS would be ideal here.
  3. If you have a router and other computers connect to it. Then you can.
    You will have to plug the external drive into one of your computers. once you have done this and the drive is showing you need to share the contents of the drive with the other computers. You will need to look up network shearing, and how to set up a Home group to share the files of the Hard drive with other computers over the said network.

    Please follow this link to setup a home group and network share of the files of the Hard drive to other computers.

  4. Thanks for your help. Mighty obliged.

    I have the router that was supplied by Verizon. It's an Actiontec Wireless Broadband Router MI424WR Rev I.

    Is there a special external hard drive that you guys suggest?
  5. Does your router have a USB port on the back? Just about any USB external drive would work.
  6. According to the router datasheet you should be good for using that to share. http://www.actiontec.com/products/datasheets/AEI%20MI424WR%20GigE%20datasheet.pdf
  7. rearendhat,

    Awesome! Kinda excited. Any particular external hard drives that fit my needs?
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