Better buy? 9800 vs 4870

I know theres a bunch of articles on best bang for buck vid card but with some specials popping up im not to sure which is the better buy...|14-121-376^14-121-376-TS,14-127-441^14-127-441-TS

MSI GeForce 9800 GT N9800GT-MD1G Video Card - $85
ASUS Radeon HD 4870 EAH4870/2DI/1GD5 Video Card - $106

So is the 4870 really worth the extra $21?
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    9800 = HD 4830 and generally
    GTX 260 = HD 4870
    so definitely @@
  2. so definitely... which one lol?
  3. oh worth the extra 21 alright.
  4. batuchka what about:
    500gb WDD cav blue for 40$ compared to
    WDD 1tb cav black for 90$
  5. Depends on if u need the storage but if i was eyeing a 1TB drive i'd hit the Samsung F3 1TB ^^
  6. really? I figured the 6gb/s for only $10 more would be the better buy?
  7. unfortunately doesn't ship to Canada so the spinpoint would cost 80$ :p IF ONLY i could buy from
  8. so would you all agree spinpoint > wd black and 4870> 9800?
  9. Aye in this camp :P
  10. yeah is no cheaper than
  11. ya spent but we dont really got any other option :/
  12. 4870
  13. you mean my specs?
  14. Meanin your chip/PSU, etc as a dated dual core or single core could hold back a HD 4870
  15. well its for a new build im planning on using:
    Amd athlon ii x2 555
    ASUS M4A87TD/USB3 AM3 AMD 870 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 AMD Motherboard AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition Callisto 3.2GHz Socket AM3 80W Dual-Core Desktop Processor - C3 Revision HDZ555WFGMBOX

    Possible unlock the cores? herd pretty good chances.. i can give u links/ other info if needed

    * thought u said cpu, PSU =
    OCZ FATAL1TY 550W ATX12V 20/24PIN Active PFC ATX Modular Power Supply 120MM Fan 80PLUS Black
  16. In that case the HD 4870 if u could nab it at that price would be awesome ^^ However i would go Rana X3 rather than bank on a stable + unlock Callisto X2
  17. i originally had the 445 incorporated into the build but i got advised to go with the 555 :S
  18. which preforms better if we dont take into consideration unlocking extra cores?
  19. Over a spread of current and games of tommorrow i would say, out of the box the X3 Rana i.e i concur with our forums gaming chip analysis for the $$ hehe
    Best Gaming CPU: Under $90,2698-2.html
    We can no longer ignore the advantage three processor cores offer in a gaming environment, so even though the lowest-priced triple-core Athlon II we can find is $70, that's our new bottom-end recommendation.

    Rana 445 is now $79.99 Egg and as low as $75 elsewhere so it has actually dipped to the sub $80 cat hehe
  20. interesting... i guess ill throw that back into the mix then
  21. hey batuchka what would u recommend between:

    5670 and 4870 - i know that the 4870 is better but would the dirdct x 11 the 5670 has be better in the long run? Cause i have no intention of upgrading...
    What about between the 4870 and 5750?
  22. yeah just get the 4870 its leaps and bounds better
  23. Yep raw frames wise non of those cards can beat the HD 4870
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