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Gonna build a new rig for 2011 , just wanted some insight on what you guys would think a pretty high performance rig would be, more than likely going Intel and i wanna run SLI or xfire, i wanna build an overkill rig that will last me quite some time. I have been out of the loop of what is up to date tech wise. My budget is around 2000 dollars. Thanks all!
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  1. As for a platform, you will be going with the Intel Sandy Bridge LGA 1155 platform. This will be the most power setup for the first quarter of 2011 until the LGA 2011 socket's release (I don't think the Bulldozer will compete with them outside of price to performance).

    As for GPU, it is a wait and see what is out at your time of purchase.

    Hard Drive: I would look at the new Intel SSD, which should be out by January.

    The rest is still pretty standard and shouldn't see much of a change from now... IMO
  2. Thanks! By platform do you mean the mobo ? Sorry never seen that term used.
  3. By platform, I mean CPU & MOBO.
  4. Understood! Ideally i wanna a system that will be easily tailored to overclocking. Right now im running an amd phenom II x4 BE at 3.9 and found the limit on the chip with my cooler and system atm. I wanna be able to OC the chip i buy next year to 4.0 easily with air . Do you think i should go hexa or stay quad?
  5. I would say quad for now & upgrade to hex later in 2011.
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