Asrock 939S56-M problem with AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+

Ok, first of all hi,

Here's the problem, I changed my CPU from Athlon 3200+ to Athlon 64 X2 3800+ (because it has great OC features :D) and my Win7 will not work, I think, it come to the start up screen but then later throw a blue screen and "Hardware Malfunction, contact your Vendor" I tried to reinstall XP to Win7 OS, but nothing, in Win7 installation copies the files and when start installing the components, damn blue screen appears again, and with XP the same ... but no blue devil hihih. I really do not know what the problem could be the BIOS version or, because I have 1.30 do I need to flash to 1.40 or something else.... and i need my comp as soon as possible so any help would be welcome, and if anyone has the same problem and solved it, it would be nice to bring him here and help us ... (Huuh my first post and a big problem) :(
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  1. Does anyone can help me with this, come on guys I think you know the answer ....
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