Is Linksys's WRT610N a good router as a SOHO router . I have 6 computers and 1 for me .The internet connection is a cable. With 1 mbps max dwn speed and 800 kbps as max up speed.too less but the 16 mbps connection is very pricey.

The net connection is like this from the internet to the cable modem to my computer to a Netgear Switch to the other computers.

The connection is shared at my computer but at some times there is no internet access at other computers.So I think a router might solve the problem. but i do not need a very high end router but it should have at least a wireless connection for some laptops just in case........

And i was planning to get a usb 3G internet connection so can u suggest me a router which can share it thru my network.
Very ruthless Multiplayer gamin goes on here with CS source ,crysis, burnout paradise n others so keep that in mind as well

I am a n00b but u can help me 2 learn

PLEASE ANSWER A.S.A.P., Pronto ,etc.

And yeah all my computers are wired Ethernet based so they have a speed of 10/100 mbps then can it connect to the Linksys's WRT610N router (mentioned above) which has 4 gigabit LAN ports.
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  1. Linksys has the best consumer-end routers. The WRT610N should serve you well.

    As for your network setup, I'd suggest that you go: ISP-->router-->computers.

    If you're going to have gaming on the connection, I think that the 16Mbps connection would be more reliable than 3G. It may be more pricey, but it will cost you less in downtime and aggrivation. My experiences with 3G internet is that it doesn't like being under heavy load very much.
  2. I would recommend putting your computer behind the switch with the other computers, not before the switch as it is now.

  3. What about Linksys WRT 320N
  4. Please Reply I need real help as there is no net access on the other computers please respond ASAP.THanks in advance ................. I am thinkin about Linksys WRT 320N and
    Dlink DIR 615.......Please Help.
  5. Hello there???
  6. dir 825!
  7. Netgear 3700 go go go!

    Remember to setup QOS. It'd suck to be playing and someone hits up youtube and caps your i-net and lags them all to heck and back.
  8. Asus rt-n16 with dd-wrt ftw!

    Linksys has had the best consumer-end routers.
  9. Sorry for the late post.....
    Mates i got a DIR-615 about 7 months ago.
    Works awesome like totally awesome. Only rundown- no gigabit ports and bad wifi range.
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