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CPU fan controler

I apologize from the beginning for not being able to find the thred that adressed this first.

First my specs: MSI Pro-E X58 mobo i7-920 @3.489Ghz 4G of PDP 1333ram (@1328) 2X 9800gtx+

My problem is that with the latest bios update from msi, they still have not fixed the cpu smart fan target (it just doesn't work, at all). My question is, is there a program (other than SpeedFan) that can manually increase the cpu fan speed? While under prime95 the temp goes from 38c to 87c and will cont. to climb (i get scared and stop the test at 88c).

Thank You for taking the time to help......
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    To be safe, set the shutdown temp at 80c in the bios if the setting is available. Disable "smartfan", and see if you can stand the increased fan noise. Skip prime95. Run your regular software and games for awhile and see if the system shuts down. If it doesn't, then you're ok. If it reaches the shutdown temp, then you can try some premium thermal paste or switch to a better cooler. Scythe and thermaltake make some pretty good ones. The i7 cpus tend to run warmer; mine idled at 60c and reached 90c under load.
  2. Hi Progenator989, Welcome to THW.

    Another solution is, if you did not have any problems with the previous BIOS ver. and the new one only added refinements not any features that you necessarily need. Just go back to your old BIOS ver. until the problem of the smart fan is fixed.
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