New Build Need Advice - 200mm Case Fan causes instant failure.

I have a bit of a mystery on my hands, yesterday I put together my new PC, it posts just fine as long as I don't connect the 200mm fan at the top of the Antec 600 case. I'm using a Antec Earthworks 750w power supply, I can run the two 120mm front fans as well as the rear 120mm fan without issue(all molex) but when I hook up the 200m even with the remaining fans disconnected it just clicks on for less then a second and thats it.

I pulled everything out and went through breadboarding as mentioned in the troubleshooting threads and everything worked fine. I even went so far as to use one of the additional modular cables and give the 200mm fan its own connection with nothing else, still nothing.

My last step was hooking up the fan to my old dell PC and it ran okay.

Where do I go from here? Am I looking at a bad PSU?
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  1. Well I think I have it solved so I'm going to answer my own question. This 200mm fan has three wires coming out of it, two thin red and black wires which go to the molex connector and a larger wire which controls the fan speed and LED on/off. These wires are suppose to travel down a small channel when they are coming out of the fan into the body of the case.

    While taking the fan off the case I realized that during construction of the case the red wire had come out of the channel about half an and had been crushed between the plastic case molding and a metal molding. It was crushed hard enough that the red wire insulation had been removed so I was getting a short from the metal exposed wire hitting against the case. I believe my one good try with the other PSU and PC was just do to my pulling up the connector enough to the other case that it didn't happen to short out.

    After removing the fan and setting it off the side was able to get the PC to boot up on the first try. I'm going to wrap the small exposed area with electrical tape and place it back in the case it its proper plastic channel coming out of the fan.
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