Upgrade from Quad GTX 295's

hello i want to upgrade from my quad gtx295's....i have a 1150w power supply and a gigabyte x58 extreme motherboard...a i7 920@4.2ghz......

what is a better upgrade from what i have....

5970 quad
470 3 way sli
5870 3 way sli
480 sli

my mother boars supports 16x 16x 8x i believe...with this impact performance??
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  1. 5970 in "Quad" is the best. Its acutally just Crossfire, and your 295's are just SLI.


    5970 CF performs the best out of them.

    To quote the ranking list

    01. Geforce GTX 480 In Quad SLI
    02. Radeon Ares HD5870X2 In Crossfire
    03. Radeon HD5870 In Quadfire
    04. Radeon HD5970 In Crossfire
    05. Radeon HD5850 In Quadfire
    06. Geforce GTX 285 In Quad SLI
    07. Radeon HD4890 In Quadfire
    08. Radeon HD5830 In Quadfire
    09. Geforce GTX 480 In Tri SLI
    10. Radeon HD5870 In Tri fire
    11. Geforce GTX 470 In Tri SLI
    12. Radeon HD5850 In Tri fire
    13. Geforce GTX 295 In SLI

  2. Hello
    HD 5970 CF doesn't scale very well because of drivers, currently neither quad SLI/CF perform scale well compared to 2-way SLI/CF.
    However since you already have 2 GTX 295S,the only options that will give you a boost over your setup would be either 2 5970s or 2 GTX 480s.
  3. Perhaps wait for the GTX 495.
  4. Well I have an HD 5970 and just eats Metro 2033 with everything on max and 4aa.
  5. Quote:
    its a crossfire card.i am talking about single card.

    Ok no probs
  6. The current king is 2x GTX 480's in SLI. See this: GeForce GTX 460 SLI review
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