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want to upgrade the cpu in my gateway laptop and know how to do the mod but is $250.00 the cheapest price i am going to find on the 3.06 ghz extreme processor? its the x9100 i believe p_socket. also is this too much processor for the stock cooling system of this laptop p7815u. i will be using a laptop cooler but will i be able to use this processor when cooling pad is off. like on battery power. i have seen this mod performed on you tube but believe i would get more believable info from the forums. so anybody?
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  1. Hi nasferatu6909,

    I do not know anything about modding/upgrading a laptop on your own as I never been in that type of situation, but one thought I have after reading your post is:

    Instead of all the work to locate parts, check their compatibility, and get them installed into you laptop properly and working reliably without heat issues, it would seem to be alot easier and less stressfull to sell you current laptop and upgrade to a newer one with the parts and specs you want in it.

    Its just a thought, though.
  2. actually this is the new laptop and i will recieve it friday. i was merely wondering if i decided to upgrade the processor in this bc i am a huge gamer so i want the best machine performance on a budget . paid 649 after shipping 677 and now waiting for my monster to arrive. typing this on a very old outdated sony vaio with 16mb graphics so my new machine will be like on steroids compared to it.
  3. Oh, I see now. Looks like you got a nice deal on it then, I've seen people say they paid $800 in July, I am sure you will be happy with your new Laptop, when the time comes that you feel like you need to upgrade again there will most certainly be better options available.

    So does this have the Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P7350(3M Cache, 2.00 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)? and you wanted to upgrade to a Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor X9100 (6M Cache, 3.06 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB) for $225.

    If the motherboard can support this change which may be hard to find out, unless you already have on the mod videos. There may be a problem with heat as the exteam uses almost twice the power from a max tdp of 25w to a max tdp of 44w on the extream. I would try to use a cooling pad all the time but that is just my opinion, doing so and running on battery power will probably shorten the battery life a bit but I couldnt even guess how much.

    Here are some game performance numbers I found that someone posted on your Laptop in stock setup: I get about an average of 40 FPS in WOW, and an average of 30 FPS in BF:BC2. This same person also said that you cannot replace the GPU on this laptop because it is soldered in place.

    Here are the links to the two CPU's if you want to compair them, I am guessing you have already:
  4. you are correct and the gpu isnt the one i really wanted but the price was too good to pass up. it is the p7350 and yes ive seen the mod done in a video. the mod is childs play i am a veteran at that but never tried it on a laptop only desktops and most of those were system homebuilds by me so i knew what to do. the gpu i wanted the gtx260m was not in my budget so i settled i hope. i still have a good gaming rig nonetheless. plan on playing wow and crysis the original and diablo 3 whenever blizzard stops making us wait. titan quest will have to do till then as d2 has gotten redundantly boring. i own the whole dawn of war series and starcraft 2 and the original warcraft 3 i plan on getting the gears of war set and i have always enjoyed oblivion so hopefully high settings can be achieved from these games. i have many others but these are my favs. considering a hybrid drive as primary and moving the one shipped with the laptop to secondary fresh install which i usually do because user as owner just looks stupid and all the bs programs i can do away with. thanks for the info and the links. Nasferatu
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