My ADATA SH93 external drive lost one partition!!!!

Hi there guys! My 500GB external drive was splitted in two partitions, one of 30 GB FAT32, and the other, well, the rest of the disk and it was NTFS. I was wathcing a movie in my DVD via USB with the drive, and then the DVD shutted off alone. When i checked the drive in the PC, the FAT32 partitions was ok, but the NTFS one, lost the format, and WIndows give an error saying that the data is corrupted and unaccesible. I use a software called Disk Genius to try to recover the partition, but it only allows me to recover the files in it and it's VERY SLOW!!! THere's a way that i can recover my NTFS partition and the data in it? Thanks!!!
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  1. I have had success in these things with Seagate for DOS but I have NO idea if it will work for non-seagate hard drives or external drives period.
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    SeaTools will not work with external drives, AFAIK.

    Was the DVD player accessing the video files in the FAT32 partition or NTFS?

    If I were approaching this problem, I would first investigate the extent of the damage with a disc editor in readonly mode. For example, you could use DMDE to search for backup copies of your original boot sector(s). Select Tools -> Search For Special Sectors.

    DMDE (DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery):

    I could help you with this.
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