Amd 965 @ 800mhz?

just installed Phenom II 965 c3

I turned off PowerNow (cool n quiet)in bios, but the cpu is still running at 800mhz, 4x multi ,1 vcore. Confirmed that with Cpuz and AOD. Sliders for multi don't work in AOD.

I ran some games but frequency didn't change.

Board Foxconn A79A-s with updated Bios for Phenom II support (flashed twice to make sure)

4 gigs of DDR2 800mhz

5870 1 gig

Previous cpu was Phenom 9950.

Any ideas on how to solve this thing?
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  1. 1) Check your power profile to make sure you aren't on Power Saving. This will prevent the CPU from clocking up to full speed.
    2) Phenom II support does not necessarily mean it will support the 965. Wattage comes into play as well. Many older boards that received BIOS updates only go as far as the 95W PII 945. I suggest you check again which CPU's the new BIOS wil support.
  2. Hrm... Foxconn doesn't say it's supported, but they also say they added support for x6 chips. My guess you might have a lemon CPU or damaged your board swapping out chips.

    Anything else strange, weird temps, etc.? Can you change the multiplier in the Bios? Have you tried fiddling with the RAM?
  3. I've figured it out. It turns out there is a bios fix for multiplier settings. It is running good now. The only thing i had to do was to manually set the multiplier for core 0 to 17. Other cores were already at 17x.
  4. Cool, glad you fixed it.
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