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Hey I want to build a computer that basically does nothing else other than write emails, type documents and plays movies which I can hook up to my hdmi television. I'm trying to make it as cheap as possible but I wanted some advice on parts and what to skimp on and what not to skimp on with this type of build. I basically want to make a media cube for my television. Some requirements are:

Must be matx or iatx sized motherboard.
No more than 300$ but I would rather be around 250$.
Should be able to play movies well.

If any of these requirements are unrealistic please tell me because I have not tried this before. One question I have though is does a better graphics card run video's in higher quality? I don't think it matters so I would probably get the cheapest graphics card I could get for it. Any advice, part recommendations or comments are appreciated.

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  1. one final note: should i buy used parts to save on cost and if so which ones should/shouldn't buy used
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