First time builder PSU help!!!!

Hey everyone,
I'm working on my first build. I've been doing research for quite a while and I'm pretty sure I have all of my components picked out and think they'll all work well together. The last thing that I'm worried about is picking a good power supply. I've read horror stories of people blowing up all of their components from a cheap power supply but I'm kind of cheap and want to know if the ones I'm looking at will work. Here is a link to the original power supply I'm looking at:

I read a few articles that said logisys are crappy so I found one of the recommended brands:

Its hard for me to pay $55 when I could get one for $18. Would it really matter? Also if you could enlighten me on the point of the 12v rails. I've tried to figure it out and I don't get it. Here are the system specs I'm putting together

MSI motherboard
2 GB DDR2 Ram
XFX 1GB Radeon HD 5670
Pentium Dual-core 2.93Ghz

Then the a dvd drive and a cd drive, a few usb things, etc.... the norm

So my question is will the $18 psu work for me as well as the $54?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Neither of those two are good options, the logisys unit only has 192W available on its 12V rail, 80% of the power in a modern system is drawn from this rail. The Thermaltake unit is an older design(you can tell by the voltage switch modern units use APFC which handles the voltage automatically)

    For a 5670 something like a Corsair 430CX is plenty,
    If you plan to upgrade to a bigger card down the line i would suggest the seasonic S12II 520W unit which will support any single card and isnt much more than that thermaltake before rebates, you wont need to upgrade or replace it for a long time. If you have to replace a PSU in less than 5 years you wasted money.
  2. logysys will not put out their rated power. it is a PEAK power rating not continuous, and even if it were continuous I doubt they load test them anyway. They will not last long and can damage other components. That thermaltake PSU is ok, but there are better options for less money as hunter315 suggested. If you can, get an AM3 motherboard and go the AMD processor route, not that old intel socket 775. It leaves you with more upgrade possibilities and DDR3. Here are some good low end PSU's

    If your cheap, this will do for that setup, but only has 1 yr warranty

    Give us your budget and we will reccommend you a system.
  3. Thanks a ton guys! That was really helpful.
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