No Display until Cmos reset? Everyday

Ok so i have a odd situation; i just replaced my graphics card, my old one was a 8800gts 512mb and i upgraded that to a GTX 460 768mb. The reason for the upgrade was because i have a dual screen set-up (a 32in & 23in) and my 32in would no longer display video, but both screens display video when plugged in by themselves. So now im starting to suspect my PSU which is a Rocketfish 750 watt. Now when i shut my pc off for the night with just one monitor plugged in and turn it on in the morning it boots with no video signal, so i reset the cmos and load my saved cmos settings, all boots fine after that; until i shut it off for a little while and turn it back on. I do not get BSODS at all.
Below are my system specs, my CPU is overclocked to 3.0Ghz, my memory is OCZ Fatal1ty.

Thanks In Advance!
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  1. BUMP
    man i love how quickly people respond to posts here.
  2. The PSU might be reaching its limits.Even though its rated 750 W, having a PSU from a reputed brand is essential for system stability, especially when it is overclocked.
  3. its not the PSU i just went and bought a new Corsair 750watt days ago still same issue
  4. Mobo? BIOS version? Tried updating the BIOS? Have you changed the PCI-e voltages for an old overclock or anything? If it is hanging and not even passing POST then it sounds like a BIOS problem...not for sure but likely.
  5. yes thats what im thinking but why would it boot with settings and then not reboot? could my bios chip be bad?
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