Need help for power supply FAST!!

Hello everyone :bounce:

I was wonder if the 700W CoolerMaster eXtreme Plus RS-700-PCAAE3-AU any good for gaming

Website for Price and Info -

Spec's :

GPU - Phenom II x4 965

Ram - 4GB's of 1333 MHz

GPU - ATI 5770 or 6850 ( haven't decided yet =P )

Case - Coolermaster CM Scout no PSU

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  1. its not bad at all , but if there other option or brands let us know :)
  2. Ok, thank you very much! :D
  3. There is nothing gaming related about a PSU except that it must be strong enough to power your graphics card/s.

    In this case, the 6850 needs only a 500w psu:

    The 5770 needs 450w.

    I also think that you will find Seasonic to be one of the best quality units.
  4. +1 For Seasonic, it will cost around the same and is superior in build quality to most psu's out there.
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