Acer am3100 u3401a motherboard type

Anyone know the maker an model of this board??
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  1. The chipset is the amd 690v. But the bios is acer, so doesn't really matter who made it. With a non acer board, your windows operating system may not work. This is a very good board for oem; lots of ports, including hdmi, which is rare for an older board (made in 2008). Hard to say if it will take an older quad, but am3 probably won't run.
  2. thanks for the info, i actually found out it is a foxconn board.. the reason i was asking this question is because the board went bad and i was going to replace it with a differnt board from newegg but have the acer case that all the power/.reset connectors are all as one so im not sure if they would just connect directly to another board
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