Will this PSU handle 7900GS? what voltage lines are needed for GPU/CPU

I'm getting a used office branded PC with a non-standard 300W PSU (17A on the 12v line)
I have a 7900GS 256mb which I want to put into this PC. According to psu calculators this psu suprisingly should be just enough with small reserve.
But counting the 12v line alone does 17A mean there's 204W on the output for that? If the 7900GS is taking maximum ~100W and the CPU ~85W it should be enough but isn't the cpu/gpu taking power from different lines as well ? (3.3/5v).
What about the other components ?
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  1. 7900 GS uses less than 50 watts, maybe a bit more when stressed with Furmark, yet still calls for a 6 pin power connector

    I'd give it a shot, but plan on a psu upgrade.

    "What about other components ?"
    Don't know, you haven't told us what they are.
  2. wow that's actually making things more realistic :D

    btw do you know any way to use 3 monitors when I have this 7900gs with dual dvi and an integrated intel card ?
  3. Can't help you with that, only ever used 2.
  4. yes, a simple vga dulplicator. but you will see the same picture on all monitors. so its rather dumb :)
  5. well actually that might be a part-solution since a duplicated image on two monitors might be enough for my needs :)
    it was me dumb not thinking about it ;))
  6. interesting, now im going to be doing the same thing...a 7900GS on a 300W Bestec PSU :-)
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